Putting an end to the PMdA story

My writing spree on this platform was spurred by the (hard) drive to fix what’s wrong with the project management discipline.

Over this period, I started and co-developed a startup project called ‘MUCHINIWAM’ (A Car Diagnostics Mobile Application, South Africa, 2018) which led to some breakthrough concepts around payment systems and the design process behind software products.

I also participated in a startup in the minibus industry that was promising at first, but proved fatal to my spirit, marriage and life in the end.

I have resigned to the city construct, for reasons outlined below.


I have since relented from…

Lean start-ups, price-wars, and I.P.-based violence #fail


It is the logos, word.

It is the instrument.

It is a song.

The Future Europe

The Construction

The (now) late Clayton Christensen constructed the threefold picture of successful technologies as engaging in “division-of-labour-driven” Sustaining innovation, “least-cost-driven” Efficiency innovation or “Jobs-to-done-driven” Disruptive innovation. Eliyahu Goldratt Applied the Toyoda Production System model in technology businesses to achieve increased sales “in spite” of economic or environmental conditions. Peter Thiel uncovered a truisM that technology is “doing more with less”. Rene Girard provided a technological resolution to the “fakE” insurance of “DOING WHAT’S FAMILIAR!!!”. …

Sports, competition and empiricism, #fail


It is the logos, word; it also includes words, by which we will all be judged.

It is the instrument; by which the world, objects and life are created or destroyed.

It is a song; by which children are born and our cities are borne.

The Construct

Clayton Christensen / Eliyahu Goldratt, Peter Thiel / Rene Girard, and Nicolas Taleb / Steve Jobs have honestly questioned the current paradigms of rules, competition and definitions of success.

The preeminent construct was that of guilt, inadequate “birth”, and power attained through gradually enforced strength. …

Demon “possessions”

The Trial

The Naked Drude,

Oh Naked Drude,

The tribunal is here

Naked Drude,

Oh Naked Drude,

The flies, what are they doing here?

Naked Drude,

Why are you naked Drude?

Fine, but why do it here?

Naked Drude,

Flies, naked drude…

They like it here!?!

Naked Drude,

Bread, naked drude

Cannot be had here.

Naked Drude,

Fake, naked drude

I feign, if you’re even real.

The accumulation game doesn’t work. Remember, the Anger Antidote!

Which makes one wonder; what exactly, is demon “possession”?

Possession of “evil spirit” or of goods from money?

It turns out.

It is both!

It is all…

your fliers are open.

A Song

I think you got them flea-bugs.

I think you are lame but like them tea-pots

Mama, you like even them tea-squads.


I hate the game!

I stay the same!

I stay in my lane!


State my game.

It…is… lame!

And I’m oh-wohhh-ok with it!

Daddy dildo; how much them stored

How far driven nooeee

We have rules fooees

I see the fuuuteeeeor, I see the meteoooor-iite

I keep it flowing mom, I know the pasta — rice

Without the stiffy paap, I sense the hate squad..

I even force them rhymes, I kill them buster-fun (neeeers)

You couldn’t…

Forgiveness as anti-happiness

In my War Against Happiness essay, I listed a number of “prime suspects” behind general and universal unhappiness that abounds in the world in time immemorial and times present and future.


The general idea about ‘being human’ is that we are bound to make mistakes!

No amount of religion, fear-based law (violence), psychology, philosophy or even “forgiveness” or mercy can stop this.

One way, exalted by all manner of fascists, drug-addicts and radical anarchists is to indeed “accept” humans as they are; to do what they want; even to “let them flourish” like flowers… (I call it a “disguised” form…


There are twelve compartments inside the naked drude’s office. They are made up of glass, clay and those recycled ply-thin-boards that are meant to add a rustic look to the design of each compartment.

It could be that I couldn’t tell what the actual material is, all I could sense for sure was that the material wasn’t very strong. Sense? Yes, I say “sense” as I was too afraid to even go near it, for fear that it could all but crumble if one dared to step closer.

It was a weirdly dark office; with all manner of smoke, smell…

Drugs are the banality of the vagabond!!!

Creativity, is, in many ways, a truly “chaotic” task.

Based in Cape Town

The main essence of creationism (sorry atheists!), is the idea that order is required for something “new” to be created.

The main essence of “creativity” on the other hard, is the idea that “newness” is required for a new substance to be formed.


When the West (and the rest) decided to abandon Christianity, and its laws, it was bound to happen that men would start searching for ways to “get inspiration”.

Creativity, has always been a spiritual act. That being the case, as Apostle Paul said, “one cannot buy the Holy…

Projection of ‘fault’ is indeed a sad psychological phenomenon.

I respect Mr. Thiel, if I didn’t, he wouldn’t be worth the mention at all.

Thing is, he started to “rub me” the wrong way when I saw that his disdain for China, comes from his “double speak” on monopolistic companies like Facebook.

A Swiss, Johann Rupert and Francis Schaeffer Poem

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